Benefits of Pet Ownership for Seniors

Benefit 1 – Love both received and given

Have you ever awakened in the morning with no reason or desire to get out of bed?

cute puppy photo picture 11Suppose you had a dog who is just waiting for you to open your eyes so it can display its love for you and its desire to go outside to the bathroom?

Benefit 2 – Exercise

Wouldn’t that be a good reason to jump out of bed, get dressed and head outdoors with your dear dog beside you or, if not beside you, leading the way — taking you for a walk, stopping sometimes to do its business. And you get another type of exercise by having to bend over to collect it. Maybe your pet loves to play fetch and you take it to the park and play ball — more exercise for both you and your pet.

Benefit 3 – Responsible for something

When you are finished walking – time for breakfast. I’m sure your dear friend would be happy to hear the dog food can being opened or the kibble hitting its dish. All the while you are praising how good he/she is at waiting patiently. Another bend over exercise in placing the bowl on the floor and then picking up the water container to fill it. More bend over exercise at placing the water dish on the floor. Wow – you didn’t know how much exercise you are getting, did you?

Benefit 4 – Taking care of yourself so you can be there

Now it’s your turn for breakfast – something nourishing – but it could be shared with that dear little one who may be staring intently at what you are consuming. Or maybe not some of your breakfast, but a doggie treat would be better.

Benefit 5 – Companionship

Having something alive around you gives comfort and a feeling of not being alone. It does not matter what kind of a pet you have, cat, dog, fish, bird or even a turtle – something you can talk to, something you can pet, or tell a joke, or cry over a sad memory – or even sing off key to or laugh with.

Benefit 6 – Calming effect of pets

There have been studies conducted that show having a pet can lower blood pressure, and pulse rate. Pets ease the loss of a loved one, help decrease depression, offer unconditional love and affection, offer a sense of security, and fight loneliness.

More Benefits?

You can probably  think of more benefits of pet ownership then has been given here. But whatever they are – isn’t it wonderful that God created so many different kinds of pets for us to love?

We’d love to hear what you think!

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