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Clermont Park visited South High School in Denver. Our veterans who were involved in the war shared their first-hand experiences with students, allowing them to understand history in a new light!

Denver’s Channel 9 was there to capture the day…


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Over the years Denver has boasted many fine restaurants, yet they come and go. Two that have stood the test have a story to tell.  In this edition, the Bonnie Brae Tavern. An outing to the Bonnie Brae Tavern always. Read More…

Members of Clermont Park’s Adult Day club are empowered to connect, engage and enjoy life!

It all started with a flute. When Dixie Hanna was in 6th grade she began taking flute lessons and she attributes her dexterity with a needle to her fingering on the instrument. She learned to embroider first and then in. Read More…

Denver couple’s gift to retirement community staff a tribute to their legacy

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Clermont Park received a 2015 ICAA Innovators Achievement Award for the Clermont College program of study. The International Council on Active Aging® established this award to publicly recognize the efforts of individuals and organizations that make outstanding contributions in serving older adults.. Read More…


Christian Living Communities and Holly Creek welcome Terry Rogers as our new CEO & President. Russ DenBraber retires in early September after 14 years. Terry comes to us with more than 27 years of experience as a proven leader in. Read More…

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