Team Stories

SMILE, CLC’s customer service program, stands for Service, Mission, Integrity, Leadership, and Excellence.Mirzeta Cavcic – Cook

A potential resident, her attorney, and accountant came to tour Clermont Park because of the favorable impression she has of the community, a result of her sister’s positive experience in the Health Suites many years ago. During their tour of the Goldenrod neighborhood, the residents were having lunch and the staff was quite busy. Despite the busyness of the lunch hour, team members, residents and family members alike politely said “hello” and welcomed the guest. Then, all the sudden Mirzeta (who was serving that day) burst out in a resounding warm welcome, “I KNOW YOU!!!” The woman and her entourage was shocked and delighted. Mirzeta said, “You were here with your sister named….” and all four people including Mirzeta finished the sentence with her sister’s name. Even though her sister passed more than three years ago, Mirzeta still remembered her and her name! It was that connection that confirmed our guest’s decision to move to Clermont Park. Mirzeta understands that our residents are family…and their families become our family too.

Christian Living Communities Team members live out the principles of exceptional customer service as defined by the CLC customer service program, SMILE, which stands for Service, Mission, Integrity, Leadership, and Excellence.

    When residents Phyllis Dye, Trudy VanderVeen and Camilla Barnes moved to Clermont Park Retirement Community, they probably never guessed they’d be pining for a match before an audience of 460 guests, but such was the case at Christian Living. Read More…

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