Team Stories

SMILE, CLC’s customer service program, stands for Service, Mission, Integrity, Leadership, and Excellence.Barsha Pradhan-Shrestha, LPN

One Saturday a fellow team member witnessed something that truly fits in with this week’s topic “listening with ears, eyes, and heart”. Barsha, who runs Primrose and Goldenrod each weekend does a fantastic job, particularly on this day. As she was going about her normal day she noticed a Goldenrod resident who was really struggling emotionally.

Because of the compassion Barsha has for our residents she stopped what she was doing and took time to take the resident for a walk. They went to visit the resident’s friends on Primrose where she moved from just a week ago.  Barsha’s intuition, compassion, and motivation to always do the right thing are truly inspiring. Her ability to listen to someone’s needs with more than just her ears made the difference for this resident.

Mirzeta Cavcic – Cook A potential resident, her attorney, and accountant came to tour Clermont Park because of the favorable impression she has of the community, a result of her sister’s positive experience in the Health Suites many years ago.. Read More…

    When residents Phyllis Dye, Trudy VanderVeen and Camilla Barnes moved to Clermont Park Retirement Community, they probably never guessed they’d be pining for a match before an audience of 460 guests, but such was the case at Christian Living. Read More…

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