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From a dead tree to a bear and her friends!

(Click on the photo above to scroll through the journey from a dead tree to the arrival of our new backyard friends.)

Artist Lueb Popoff recently created this fun family of animals in the backyard of Clermont Park’s Adult Day Club. His work took place during four days in early February 2017.

Members of the Adult Day Club have already named the bear, “Cler” and continually enjoy discussing this artwork. Several neighborhood friends have stopped by to find out more.


During the birth of this new artwork, Lueb had lunch with Clermont Park’s Adult Day Club members and explained how he started his journey into creating this type of art.

You can visit Lueb Popoff’s website to see more of his artistry. You can also watch a video of his creation process.

You are welcome to drop by Clermont Park’s Adult Day Club, at 4495 E. Harvard Ave., Denver, CO 80222, to see this amazing tree – Map. Please call ahead of time to see find out the best time to visit: 720.961.9464.

Photos are taken by Fran Shedd and Clermont Park team members.

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