Clermont Park Receives a 2015 ICAA Innovators Achievement Award

The International Council on Active AgingClermont Park received a 2015 ICAA Innovators Achievement Award for the Clermont College program of study. The International Council on Active Aging® established this award to publicly recognize the efforts of individuals and organizations that make outstanding contributions in serving older adults.

The idea of transforming Clermont Park’s campus into a college originated with a resident – Elsa Wycisk. The Clermont College of Creative Life began in June 2014 as a way to enhance the community’s culture of unity, lifelong learning and successful aging. Over the college trimesters, residents, family members and employees used their skills, knowledge and abilities to teach courses. In the first year of the college (2014–2015), more than 240 participants attended courses, and 66 residents accumulated sufficient credits to graduate in an August ceremony. Success has led to the college’s ongoing development.

“We hope this model will be adapted by other communities as an alternative to the traditional and, in many cases, an institutional paradigm of enrichment/wellness,” comments Director of Community Life Moriah Bernhardt.

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3 Responses to Clermont Park Receives a 2015 ICAA Innovators Achievement Award

  1. Liv Seemann says:

    What a GREAT idea…I’m so proud of my Aunt Elsa and for the success of the college!

  2. Polly Cook says:

    So enjoyed hearing of this “college” again! And, please note that Elsa was the Valedictorian that first year! Cheers to all who made this happen!

    Cousin Polly

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