Did You Miss It? Clermont Park Major League Baseball Game!

By Aspens Resident Art Van Eps

It was a hot, hot afternoon on that Tuesday in the courtyard. The crowds soon gathered for the game. The stands filled up quickly, as matter of fact, some fans had to go out to the far stands on the other side of the stream.

Root beer floats were served and the ballgame started. The team took the field (by the way, they were all in excellent shape, full of vigor and ready to go.) The pitcher came to the mound and threw a few warm up pitches, as the rest of the team warmed up by running around the bases. As the game started all could see that the team on the field was very nervous! The national anthem was played, but no one could hear it as it was played with silent instruments.

The pitcher threw the first pitch and the batter hit a double. The next batter hit a single. The next batter hit a triple and as you can expect, the next batter hit a home run! There were a total of 20 batters and they all got a hit. As a matter of fact they were up the whole game. The pitcher was very seasoned. No one was walked. The ballgame would not have seemed the same if it hadn’t been for our wonderful, talented, amazing third base pro- Joanne. She ran after every ball that was hit, some rolled into the bushes, some behind the bushes. The only challenge was, she dropped the ball every time a runner came running by the 3rd base.

The major league pitcher that pitched was the first major league pitcher that has had the privilege to pitch to an 80, 85, 90, 95 and even a 100 year old ball player!

As the team gathered at the club house after the game, the one great comment that was made was: “We have never seen so many people SMILE.”

Thank you all for making this a great afternoon of Fun!

One side note, the pitcher was traded to another team after the game. Perhaps, he will return next season.


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