Have You Met Joe Jacobs, Life Enrichment Associate?

joe-and-jessicaJoseph Lawrence Jacobs IV is a fourth generation Coloradoan. His grandfather J.L. Jacobs, Jr. with his son, Joe’s father, J. L. Jacobs III, ran an Auto Mechanic shop with two of Joe’s uncles. One uncle still runs the business today. Jacobs Service Center on Parker Road has first-rate reviews as a reliable family-run business.

Joe has lived in Englewood all his life and attended Englewood schools. He cracked the varsity basketball team as a freshman and has been an avid Nuggets fan ever since. He also cheers for the Rockies, Broncos and Avalanches and owns over 200 jerseys to prove it.


It was 1998 when the Broncos first won the Super Bowl against the Green Bay Packers. Joe was so excited he was hugging and kissing the television. His friends laughed at him and called him crazy. Another talent of Joe’s is rap music. Joe writes and performs with a friend and has put out two albums, using the nickname “Crazy” as a performer.

As an Englewood native, Joe has seven aunts and uncles in metro Denver, but his main attraction is his two daughters (pictured right), Jorden (named after Michael Jordan) Judith June, aged 8, and 6-year-old Kamryn Rae, both with middle names commemorating grandmothers.  Besides his wife Jessica, the household also includes two dogs, a cocker spaniel/husky combination and a Pekingese/Pomeranian mix.

Favorite vacations are spent in a family cabin in Granby. As a born athlete, Joe got up on water skis in Grand Lake the first time he tried. It’s been a favorite sport ever since. He enjoys taking his family up there where he can waterski, swim and fish. Snowboarding is another favored activity. In fact, as an outdoors fan, he prefers winter blizzards to summer. “It’s more relaxing,” he says. What he enjoys most is being with his two daughters.


Joe came to Clermont Park from Holly Creek where he cooked, served and ran their Heritage Grill. At Clermont Park he’s part of the Life Enrichment team, but actually fills in everywhere — driving   and arranging excursions, pushing wheelchairs, paddling in the Holly Creek pool in a cardboard boat he duct taped together and donning costumes at parties. He’s truly a Joe of all trades.

-By Alice Bakemeier

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