Life is Worth Living Again

Blog Series for Clermont Park Families
July 2015

“Life is Worth Living Again” was written by residents from the Health Suites and Assisted Living using pictures. The residents chose two pictures to be inspired by and, sitting in a circle, went around one-by-one, sharing thoughts and feelings. When the poem was complete, the residents were in awe and proud of the work they had created together. This poem was written to be presented at the Poet Tea by Amy, a resident of the Suites at Clermont Park.

Sarah Allen, Life Enrichment Associate



Life Is Worth Living Again
By the Residents of the Health Suites and Assisted Living

It would be wonderful to have a place to lie in the flowers,
It’s a lovely time to be on the farmhouse back in New York,
We had cattle around there,
The leisure you have with the atmosphere.

I’m looking up at the sky and thinking,
I’m dreaming about where I am,
What fun it would be to ride one of those clouds,
Maybe I’ll pick one!

All the clouds look like they’re doing something,
I can see myself there…looking up, enchanted by the clouds,
They can be so many things!

There’s just one butterfly on a yellow flower,
I wish I could fly like a butterfly,
Then I’d go around and kiss the flowers!

Now I’m very sleepy,
I’ve been doing things all day
It made me feel so alive!

What a lucky girl I am,
To have a time and place to go out and be in the flowers!

Photo of butterfly by Conal Gallagher, used with Creative Commons license, via Flickr.


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