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Nursing Team at Clermont Park’s Morning Glory Neighborhood

This story recognizes the extraordinary efforts and compassion shown by Pat Gemperline, RN, Rebecca McGaffey, TCM, Mary Kostecki, RN, FiFi Balcha, CNA, Hellen Shikoke, CNA, Charles Oopong, CNA, Ciarra Schmit, RN, and Melissa Hein, RN. Recently a guest came to Clermont Park very medically ill and complex. He came from the hospital very confused and his wife, who has been his primary care giver was suffering from compassion fatigue.  As the guest slowly recovered with therapy and nursing assistance, the wife also began to get a well-deserved break. Toward the end of his stay with us, the wife presented thank you cards to these nursing team members, individually and in private. Inside these thank you cards she had placed $100.00 bills. The staff was grateful and very touched by this gift; however, knowing that CLC has a policy preventing the receipt of such a gift they promptly gave the cash to the D.O.N. From here the decision was made to donate the monies to the employee appreciation fund. The integrity they showed was amazing. But even better – they gave this couple exactly what both needed – a loving and supportive experience that provided them exactly what they needed.

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