Promise-Star (2)PROMISE Stars live out these customer service principles: Personalize interactions, Respect each person, Own each person’s problem as if it’s yours, Make everyone’s life better, Invite people to connect and Exceed expectations.

Amber Teal, RN – Clermont Park 
This PROMISE Star story comes from a resident’s family member at Clermont Park. The family member says: “While we have high regard and praise for all staff members, today Amber went the extra mile! It was her day off but she came in to check on us and our Dad who was in declining health. Amber knew we were unwilling to leave our Dad but she was able to help us see that we needed a break and some time to regroup. Because of our trust in her and her promise to come get us immediately if something changed, we took her up on the offer. Upon our return to our Dad’s suite we discovered Amber gently assisting him with grooming and bathing. Amber’s love and attention to our Dad was amazing. She is a star!” What service basic and core values are evident in this story?

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