Volunteering Brings Many Rewards

Volunteering at CLCVolunteering for Christian Living Communities brings a lot of rewards. You will connect with people you may have never met before and can make a significant difference in their lives. That kind of deep satisfaction can sometimes be hard to find.

Another benefit to volunteering with CLC can be financial reward. It’s not exactly dollars directly added to your pocket, but you could support your favorite charity financially by volunteering. About 40 percent of the Fortune 500 top companies offer volunteer grants, a corporate giving program created to encourage volunteerism in communities where employees live and work.

These companies offer a set monetary donation for every hour one of their employee’s volunteers, and provides grants once that employee reaches a certain amount of volunteer hours. For example, Best Buy gives $1,000 grants after 40 hours; Verizon gives $750 grants after 50 hours, and other participants include State Farm, Allstate, Dell, Aetna and Time Warner.

Be sure to check your employee benefits package or ask your human resources department if they offer such a program. To start the volunteer process, check out our Volunteers web page. If you need further help applying, contact CLC’s Donor Relations Department at 720.974.3555.

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