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Chaplain Services

Chaplain Services at Clermont Park

As a faith-based organization, we foster an environment where each can express or explore spirituality and grow in their personal faith journey. We provide worship services as well as staff chaplains who can minister to personal and spiritual needs. We pursue the highest standard of conduct, respect, and compassion in our communities. We are open to all faiths and perspectives and do not require residents and clients to exercise a certain belief.
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Clermont Park was founded in 1972 by a group of committed people from local Denver churches. Their vision for The University Hills Christian Nursing Home (our original name) was to create a caring community for older adults that would reflect deep Christian values of love, respect and compassion. Today, our parent organization – Christian Living Communities – still uses the word “Christian” in our name because this founding vision remains at the heart of our organization.

Those who had the original vision for Clermont Park were from the Christian Reformed Church (CRC) and the Reformed Church in America (RCA). While we are not, and never have been, a church-run organization, we still have an affiliation with our founding faith communities.

Who Lives at Clermont Park

It has always been the mission of Clermont Park to share our faith-based values with anyone in need of our services. Therefore, we have never required that those who live in our communities belong to a church, or that they believe in a certain way.

Residents come from a variety of backgrounds, and there is a great diversity of faith and practice here. There will be no pressure to change your own religious/spiritual beliefs, but we will provide opportunities for residents to enhance their own spiritual journeys.

Our services include a professional Chaplain team. Part of their training is to help meet each person’s unique spiritual/religious needs. They can assist each person, no matter their faith background, to connect to local clergy or faith community if desired.

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