What is a Life Plan Community? Laura April 9, 2024

What is a Life Plan Community?

Continuing Care, For Today and Tomorrow

Life Plan Communities are designed to remove uncertainties about the future by securing access to a variety of living options and services for seniors should the need arise in the future. Also known as a continuum of care community, a Life Plan Community protects older adults when their health or financial needs change over time.

At Clermont Park, we offer a convenient rental plan, and the added benefits of our Life Plan Agreement.

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Benefits of a Life Plan Community

Guaranteed Access to Care, Should You Need It

Clermont Park Senior Living Community in Denver, CO - community life at clermont parkOur Life Plan Agreement guarantees residents access to our senior living options — which include independent living, assisted living, memory support, skilled nursing care, short-term rehabilitation, and adult day services — should the need arise. 

You may begin your senior living journey in an independent living apartment, not needing physical support but looking for community. Should an unexpected health change occur in the future, you can stay within the comfort of your community and near your friends. 

Life Plan communities can be an excellent option for couples. You are able to remain close to your spouse or partner, should either of you experience a change in your healthcare needs, without the added stress of moving.

Peace of Mind Should Financial Circumstances Change

Clermont Park Senior Living Community in Denver, CO - clermont park s fitness centerLiving in a Life Plan Community guarantees you won’t have to move if your financial circumstances change. Should you – through no fault of your own – outlive your financial assets, your future care remains secure.

You and your family members can have peace of mind that you will always have a place to call home and receive the care you need, even if you outlive your finances. You’ll still have access to all the services and amenities and activities you’ve come to enjoy. By choosing the Life Plan, you are “planning” for anything and everything.


Clermont Park residents who have chosen the Life Plan Agreement also enjoy:

  • 10 respite days for a higher level of care – per year, per person – at no additional charge while you are in residential living
  • Ongoing case management by our Resident Services Team
  • A 10% discount on monthly fees (based on the current market rate) if you move to assisted living, memory support, or skilled nursing care

Understanding the Life Plan Community Contract

You pay a one-time entrance fee that is based on the type and apartment size you choose. This fee is 90% refundable to you or your estate whenever you leave Clermont Park. You pay a monthly fee based on your floor plan that covers housekeeping, 24-hour concierge services, fitness classes, utilities, security pendant, dining, TV, and more. Learn more about our life plan community.

Qualifying for a Life Plan Community

  • Meet minimum age requirement of 62 years
  • Undergo a health review
  • Submit a financial application
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