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Citizenship Model

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Citizenship Model of Community Life

The Citizenship Model, developed by our parent organization Christian Living Communities, is an age-positive, empowerment approach rooted in the belief that each individual, at every age and level of abilities, has gifts, passions, talents, and experience that can make the community stronger and better.  When people view themselves as active citizens in their communities, there is influence, meaning, autonomy, belonging and an overall sense of well-being.

Residents, team members, family members, and our vendor partners are all citizens, who together, weave a beautiful and vibrant tapestry of living. We believe this approach will revolutionize aging services, moving beyond traditional cultures that focus on a declinist view of aging to purpose-filled cultures of shared responsibility, to citizenship.

Shifting from Traditional Senior Living Culture to a Citizenship Model of Community Living

"I Am" by Clermont Park Residents

Video: See Citizenship in Practice

Disrupting Aging Services through Citizenship

In May of 2023, Jill Vitale-Aussem, President & CEO of CLC, hosted a conversation with guests Maddy Chapman, Associate Executive Director at Holly Creek, and Andrew Sharp, Community Life Director at Clermont Park, exploring what citizenship is, discussing how it can revolutionize aging services, and sharing the evidence-based results that this approach really works.

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