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What Our Residents Have to Say

Learn more about our residents and their experiences at Clermont Park. You’ll find senior living testimonials and reviews about our Denver retirement community.

After we had to take the car away from my father he became bored, depressed , and his dementia progressed. We found the Clermont Day Program and signed him up. He loves it and is back to the active man he always has been. They provide stimulating, relevant, interesting and safe activities for his social, emotional, physical and spiritual well being. I know this program has added years to my father’s place on earth. He is 93 and can’t wait for the bus to pick him up to attend his day program. Thank you great staff!

Zoe G.


Clermont Park was an amazing experience for my dad! The staff was helpful positive and always encouraging my dad every step of his rehab! Would recommend this to anyone!

Sue G.


We moved to Clermont Park after recognizing the need to live in a more accessible space in a community which provides independent living, as well as potential resources for assisted living and/or skilled services. After touring several facilities, we settled on Clermont Park for all of the above reasons, in addition to being closer to family and our beloved church community. Once we came here, we have discovered what a friendly and inviting place it is! Our apartment reflects our past beautifully, and our neighbors and all of the staff here have become treasured and supportive in every way! Our standard poodle has been welcomed and fussed over by everyone, too! This is clearly the best new home we could have hoped for.

Diane H.


This beautiful community is helping me to make the most of my retirement years. Clermont Park is a wonderfully safe and vibrant community, a good place to call home. The excellent staff is very caring and the residents are like family.

Thelma B.


I am so grateful for my meeting with [the Clermont Park team] to discuss my mother’s potential residency at Clermont. I have always felt this community was above and beyond and had wait-listed there on two other occasions. We are currently evaluating the financial commitment to determine if a move is possible. There should be more communities like this for our elderly. Thank you for your commitment!!




Warmly welcomed to the Adult Day Care facility. Enjoyed conversation with caregivers and clients. Spouse interacted well and liked the program. Clean, new, sunny. Plan to apply.



[The sales and marketing team member] did a great job showing me around the facility. Her touring included one-bedroom apartment, the dining room, an exercise room, and a few other places of interest that my short memory can’t at this moment recall! We then discussed cost and other financial items. All told, I was and am impressed by what I saw, and would very much like to be put on your waiting list. PLEASE thank [her] for me for her courteous service and friendliness I hope to talk with her soon again!



My mother and I had a very nice tour and lunch at the Clermont a few weeks ago. All of the staff very very friendly and accommodating.



We have been residents at Clermont Park in Denver for four months. We left a community in which we had been heavily involved for well over fifty years. Since arriving here we have greeted by everyone with friendliness and enthusiasm. The people who live here are warm and welcoming. I can’t say enough about the staff, from the executive director to the custodians all are accommodating and go out of their way to assist. I love people and have worked and/or volunteered all of my life. I have never seen a group where there is no one who might be called a sour apple. They are, one and all, peaches. On another note. Clermont Park is beautiful and wonderfully maintained. It is a pleasure to be here.

Genevieve R.


Clermont is a caring community with excellent staff that provides an enriching home for my dad. There are activities that help him engage with other residents and help keep his mind active. We utilized the PT services within the facility after a surgery and it was nice not to have to drive for that service (plus Trina was excellent). Jennifer at the front desk is welcoming and informative. All the staff are wonderful. I highly recommend Clermont.

Andrea Evashevski


I cannot say enough how much I like the Clermont Park community. My Mom has been living there since January and you can imagine how stressful things have been with the move-in and dealing with the Corona virus. The staff has been absolutely wonderful, caring, responsive and attentive to her needs. Her apartment has everything she needs and she has made some good friends! It’s too bad I can only give Clermont 5 stars and not the 10 out of 5 I’d like to give them! Special shout out to Jen and Ian at the concierge desk – they are AWESOME!

Hermann W.


Top notch care and a atmosphere that is community oriented. You can be sure your love ones will be well taken care of.

Chadell H.

I absolutely love working at Clermont Park! I have been to several different communities and Clermont Park has a culture and sense of community that you can’t find anywhere else! The team members, residents, and leadership feel like family and there is no other community I would rather be at!

Tianna B.

The care givers are top notch. The food was remarkable for a skilled nursing home. The admin people were helpful when questions popped up. The entire staff has been very accommodating, even with questions I had after my father moved out.

David B.

My dad has such a wonderful team of caregivers that have been with him so long. They know him, and I think that consistent care makes a really big difference.

Sandy Righter

After checking and visiting a number of facilities – Clermont Park was the stand out. It was very highly rated for care received, walking into Clermont Park was like coming into my home. It was casual, but so cozy and welcoming. I spoke with residents I passed in the lobby, all of them told me how much they enjoyed living here, told me about the friendly residents, workers administration. I have lived here a year now and have been rewarded with a whole new life, experiencing that friendliness, helpfulness, stimulation of both my mind and my body through activities that make it worthwhile to get up in the morning.

Elsa W.

This place is a great stay for all people . They have a nice and clean place, smell so good and clean. The attention is wonderful, all the RN and CNA are competitive, diferents activities ( worship day’s, play games, excercise, especial ocations.) for the residents, Residents looks happy and comfortably, they hape have a restaurant and resident can order from the menu. I’m really recommend. Good experience when in here.

Wendy R.

Clermont Park is a warm and welcoming community. You walk in the door and it feels like the building envelops you in a hug. There are many activities that give opportunities for a wide variety of interests. It is a place where people can come to make a life not just sit around and wait for the afterlife. It is a great place!

Mary J.

Clermont Park has assisted living and continuing care. They believe in the Eden philosophy. The front desk staff are very cordial and always working to keep the entrance looking fresh. They provide fresh coffee and flavored water every morning and afternoon to keep guest/residents hydrated.


I would like to recommend Clermont Christian Living Community. Tiana Bezzant showed us around your facility. We thought it was an amazing place to live. Such nice people and great food. There was everything you could think of to do there, and of course some amazing staff and many people to make friends with. I think this is one of the nicest communities to live in that I have seen! A very clean and lovely staff! If I could I would give it a 10 star rating. Thank you for an opportunity to tour this lovely place.

Sharon H.

My mother has recently started going to The Club [Clermont Park’s Adult Day program]. She started out two days a week and enjoyed it so much she now goes every day. She is always greeted so warmly when she arrives. She has enjoyed learning all her life and The Club allows her to keep on learning no matter what stage she is at. The people there are wonderful and having the mental and physical stimulation the club provides has been great for her. She loves going and looks forward to it every morning. It has made such a difference for her.


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