Fund to Improve the Lives of Clermont Park Team Members

Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don’t want to.


What a great philosophy to work and lead by. At Christian Living Communities (CLC), the organization that owns and manages Clermont Park, there are many opportunities for growth and development.

One special way that CLC develops current associates is through their amazing employee scholarship fund. This is a fund put together through donations from individuals who believe in what we as associates do every day and in the care and compassion that we bring to the lives of the older adults we serve. I have never worked for a company that offered an opportunity or had a resource like the employee scholarship fund.

I have taken advantage of this wonderful opportunity a couple of times and was able to receive a Human Resources (HR) certificate. This is one step closer in a personal goal of receiving my HR certification and hopefully being able to move into a role with the HR team. Until then, I will share my expertise and experience with those I work with every day and the team I oversee.

I would encourage any CLC associate who is looking to advance their education in what they are currently doing, or if they want to learn something completely new, to apply for the employee scholarship fund. This can be extremely helpful for associates, especially if development does not necessarily fit in with their financial plan. The process is neither arduous nor intense and consists of one meeting with a very nice group of individuals, residents and CLC representatives, who are vested in helping associates be the best that they can.

The end result can only make us better at what we do every day, and while we would like to keep every associate, there is satisfaction in knowing that if we trained someone well, and they leave CLC, that we have sent a good representation of CLC out in the world. However, by giving associates the chance to learn more and do more, can only lead to happier team members that ultimately stay longer – like those you’ll find here at Clermont Park.

-Rebecca Miller, Executive Administrative Assistant, Clermont Park

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