Why Adult Day Services?

If you’re a care provider for an older adult, you shouldn’t have to go it alone. Adult Day Services at Clermont Park can provide your parent or other loved one with essential care and a stimulating social environment, while giving you much-needed relief.

The Importance of Taking a Break

When a loved one is sick or needs special care, life doesn’t stop. Bills pile up, and day-to-day obligations need to be taken care of. You may still need to go to work and run errands. Some of that can be done by others, but not all.

Even if you can set aside your other responsibilities, caring for your friend or family member can take a serious toll on you. It’s easy to become worn down, stressed out and exhausted. That can put a strain on your health, personal relationships or career.

What’s more, you can’t necessarily meet all your loved one’s needs on your own. If your friend or family member requires constant companionship, they and potentially you probably don’t leave the house that often. This can create feelings of depression and isolation, and impact your loved one’s quality of life as well as your own.

Adult Day Services can provide a welcome rest. The one you care for can participate one day a week or all five days a week – however long you need to get a breather. It’s a no-judgment way for you to get back to your regular rhythms of life. A team of skilled and caring professionals will provide an engaging, social and vibrant day for your loved one.

The Benefits to Your Loved One

Sharing your loved one’s day-to-day care creates the potential for a far richer experience for them.

Everyone needs companionship and a place they feel welcome. Adult Day Services creates a vibrant, nurturing setting that’s almost like a social club for the participant. In this warm setting, your loved one will enjoy social activities, games, music and learning opportunities that are essential to a healthy, happy life.

This healthy change of environment and new stimulation also provides respite for you, the caregiver.

By relying on Adult Day Services when you need a break, you can return to your loved one relaxed and recharged, ready to give the best care you can. Your loved one will receive the care they need in an intimate, caring atmosphere full of people they’ll love knowing.

If you’d like to learn more about Adult Day Services or take a tour, send us an email or call us at 720-961-9464.

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