When You’re Facing Change and Feeling Powerless

“I like my routine.”
“I just don’t know about all these changes.”
“I’m an old dog. I don’t want to learn new tricks.”

When caring for an aging adult, these may sound all too familiar. Truth is, we are all wired with a unique predisposition towards change. Our tolerance levels vary with time, circumstances, and setting among other things. And caring for an aging adult seems to magnify the reality that change is an inevitable part of the journey.

So how you choose to approach change and navigate transitions can profoundly impact your own well-being and those around you. At Clermont Park Adult Day Services, we want to support, encourage, and equip you to be a steady support to your loved one as you face inevitable changes together. We’re here to help not only with big life transitions but also with smaller everyday challenges.

Feelings of change can stir up angst, resistance, and fear. Instead, use these healthy practices for increasing your level of resilience and coping with change productively:

Believe things are changing. We often work so hard resisting change that we put off actually dealing with it. Denial can be powerful, but it only postpones the inevitable. Acknowledging that things are changing and choosing to accept that reality can actually be less stressful than putting it off.

Look at your level of control. Instead of fixating on things outside of one’s control, resilient people give honest consideration to the things they can control. Recognizing that while we may not be able to control circumstances, we do have absolute control over own attitudes, outlooks, and responses. No one else is responsible for these things. And, exercising control over these areas not only leads to greater overall peace and security but also empowers us to face the future with confidence.

Be positive. Every crossroad, every new challenge and every change gives us a choice. We can choose to go down a path of self-pity, resentment, and bitterness or we can choose a different mindset. If we practice accepting and exercising our control over our responses, choosing a positive outlook lightens the load. It often takes real effort and willful determination, but the long term result is healthier well-being mentally, emotionally, and often even physically.

Look for support. It is okay to ask for help. In times of change, trying to be self-reliant usually only leads to isolation, frustration, and loneliness. Seeking out support is a sign of resilience and true confidence. You can find camaraderie among family and friends, support groups, or you may desire professional one-on-one counseling. The trust is that no one thrives alone.

If you need help in caring for your loved one, we’d love to partner with you to ensure that they are receiving the best possible support and that you also feel supported along the way. Our goal is to help all those affected by change, helping you embrace transition and see change as an opportunity to thrive. To find out about Clermont Park’s Adult Day Services or any other services we offer, please contact us. We’d love to help you navigate the journey ahead.

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