When to Move Into an Independent Living Community

During retirement, many older adults may consider how their living arrangements could change in the next few years. Some choose to move closer to family or continue living in their current home for as long as needed.

Moving to a residential living community is exciting for many older adults. This change can ensure a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment for residents who strive for a future filled with lasting memories.

When Is Moving to Residential Living Most Beneficial?

While there are many perks to moving into senior living communities soon after retirement, there is no age guide for choosing to move into a continuing care retirement community. This decision is one you can make at any point to ensure a positive future for you or your loved ones.

When you or your loved one has settled into retirement and still enjoys daily social activities, it’s a great time to move to a Life Plan Community. Moving into senior living environments at this stage in life offers a fulfilling emotional and physical experience for residents. They can fully participate in physical activities within the community and surrounding area.

Allow yourself time to understand how moving into a retirement community can provide unlimited opportunities to grow in a secure and welcoming environment. If you or a loved one is considering moving to a continuing care retirement community in the future, evaluate these key factors that benefit residents within the community and how they best fit your personal needs.

Maintaining Independence

While many think that moving to a senior living community may limit their privacy, residential living is the perfect opportunity to embrace individuality and live your life exactly how you choose. While there are many opportunities to mingle with neighbors and staff, there are still moments to settle in your living space and enjoy some time to yourself.

Living independently allows you to explore your surroundings and tap into your full potential with various activities. These communities promote active and social lifestyles for all residents to fill their days with fun activities and lasting memories. Daily scheduled events offer residents opportunities to explore a new hobby, chat with their neighbors or sit down to watch their favorite movies.

No Home Maintenance

A great perk for many older adults as they move into residential living communities is being able to leave home maintenance in the past. Your new living space will typically be a suite with a private bathroom. Staff members can offer cleaning services for these rooms, so you do not have to invest your time in maintenance.

You will also not have to worry about cleaning up after every meal. Residential living dining options allow residents to feast on home-cooked meals as they sit with friends and visitors in an open space then go about their day without needing to cook or clean dishes.

Staff members are happy to assist in these home maintenance tasks to ensure your time is spent with your loved ones and participating in activities you enjoy. You can now spend the time you put aside for household chores staying active in the community, finding a new hobby and getting to know your neighbors.

Socializing Opportunities

Residential living communities are great for individuals who enjoy partaking in physical activities and hobbies. Regularly scheduled events and a lively environment are perfect for older adults who strive to stay active each day. While there is plenty to do daily in an independent living community, there are still opportunities to explore the surrounding area outside the living spaces. Traveling to nearby towns lets residents socialize with locals and explore the rich nature around the community.

Socializing can take place inside and outside the community in various forms. Encouraged activities include:

  • Gardening
  • Drawing and painting
  • Playing music
  • Dancing
  • Hiking
  • Yoga
  • Cardio
  • Playing table-top games

Socializing is important all throughout our lives. For those in retirement, socializing provides a sense of belonging. Whether that feeling comes from volunteering for a good cause, spending quality time with family and friends or simply meeting others with similar interests, socializing can improve quality of life. Residents in these communities can utilize social activities every day that can improve physical and mental health and self-esteem. These opportunities are established with care for all residents to truly feel like they belong.

Clermont Park’s Residential Living Options

If residential living is the right choice for you or your loved one, discover what Clermont Park can offer. Residential living at Clermont Park in Denver, Colorado, is a welcoming environment for older adults as they live an enriching life among friends and families. Contact us today if you have any questions about our services or community.

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