Learning for Seniors in Retirement

June 11, 2020

Opportunities for learning and growth are prioritized in our communities, and it is no different in these times of COVID-19. Though the opportunities look a little different, Clermont Park is taking advantage of current technology to keep engagement strong and minds working!

According to Andrew Sharp, Director of Community Life, Clermont Park’s Clermont College of Community Life continues to offer a variety of lectures and presentations using Zoom as well as on the community’s internal cable channel 55. “Although we have pressed ‘pause’ on our off-campus lives,” Sharp says, “this has been a very rich time of learning and exploration here at Clermont Park. Using the technology at hand, we have hosted live, virtual classes taught by residents, team members and guests on many interesting topics.”

Clermont College of Creative Life, as it was called historically, first offered classes in the summer of 2014 with topics in four categories: Social Engagement, Intellectual Pursuits, Physical Activity and Spiritual Connection. To this day the categories, known as the Rhythms Life Enrichment pillars, remain and continue to spark ideas for classes that stimulate health, growth and connection. The college has won an Innovators Achievement Award from the International Council on Active Aging and has been recognized as a Master Practice. As the newly named College of Community Life moves into its seventh year, Clermont Park has become known as “the place to learn and grow.”

Topics presented at the college are varied and offer something for nearly everyone. Recently, Sherry Manning, Founder and Director of Global Seed Savers, shared her organization’s vision for hunger-free and healthy communities with access to sustainable, farmer-produced seeds and food. For those with an interest in other parts of the world, Clermont Park’s Active Minds group offered an educational lecture on Ukraine. Past classes have included everything from Intro to Sign Language to Alcohol Ink Creations and The Future of Artificial Intelligence & Health Care.

Lucy Floyd, Annual Giving Specialist at Christian Living Communities, has enjoyed sharing her passion by offering classes on improvisation. “Residents connect with one another and themselves in ways you’d never think possible,” she explains. “Playing improv games promotes connection, and fosters internal, personal growth. When residents let go of their inhibitions, the sparks fly and the world is their oyster for that moment in time. It’s truly magical!”

At Christian Living Communities, we are passionate about our vision to create communities where aging is honored and celebrated, and through the Clermont College of Community life, we are doing just that. If you are interested in teaching a class or if you would like to see a class schedule please contact us at (720) 903-4150 .

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